Personalised Pumpkin Halloween Name Door Plate

Maximum 16 characters


The regular sized version of our Halloween Pumpkin door name plate.  

Will measure approximately 28cm wide by approximately 21cm tall. (roughly quarter of a metre wide). 

Your family name will be the slimy letters of the pumpkin's mouth.

Can be attached to a door or window through a ribbon attached to the hole at the top, a nail in the door with the hole at the top or via double sided tape on the back (not included)

For longer names: the mouth will be less tall to fit in all the letters.

For short names: the rest of the mouth will have teeth.

Please specify exactly the text you want in the mouth during the order: E.g Fleming, or Flemings, whatever you put in the text box is what we will make. (note apostrophes i.e. ' won't work as a tooth and all letters are capitals). 

All signs are made to order which means there is some design and manufacturing time (usually 2-3 days but can be as much as 10 days depending on workloads). Please note that the signs, being personalised, cannot be returned except for manufacturing defect.