"Nano Hulk" 6mm Space Hulk Compatible Scenery



Nano Hulk scenery is compatible with the 'space hulk' rule set but in a completely different scale - allowing you to crawl over those derelict alien riddled hulks in 6mm scale. For miniatures (not included) we recommend Onslaught Miniatures range of "Legion Prowlers" as aliens and Vanguard Miniatures Defeat in Detail "Nova Legion" as human heroes.

Play your favourite space dungeon crawler in the space of an A4 piece of paper, on the train, in a car, on a plane....

This set contains:

4x 5 square corridors, 4x 4 square corridors, 6x 3 square corridors, 8x 2 square corridors, 6x corridor corners, 8x cross corridors, 4x corridor dead ends, 8x T-junction corridors, 4x external airlocks, 2x dead end rooms (1 Skull & 1 Sword), 1x 'straight through' room, 3x 'corner' rooms, 1x 'cross' room, 2x 'T-junction' rooms, 20x opening airlocks, 10x 'on watch' counters, 10x 'on guard' counters, 10x 'gun jammed' counters, 4x Force Generators, 4x Damaged Force Generators, 1x Force Grenade Counter, 8x down hatches, 8x up ladders, 8x human control counters, 8x alien control counters, 1x tracked drone objective, 1x ancient sword objective, 2x computer terminals, 18x alien hidden movement counters, 1x resource tracker and 3x resource counters.

More pictures are in the gallery.

This is NOT a game; there are no miniatures or rules, it is a scenery set and counter set. While the scenery and counters are compatible with the space hulk rule set from GW, they can be used with any number of other rule sets and are NOT a space hulk clone.

This set requires assembly and consists of well over 400 individual pieces. The set is made from either solid grey, translucent green, translucent orange, translucent red acrylic, which can be glued with super glue and easily painted with acrylic paints.