Extra Large Personalised Christmas Eve Box (Letter Design)

Please specify the inscription


Please be aware this item can only be shipped in the UK.

Very large wooden personalised Christmas Eve box with a 'package from Santa' design (delivered by Reindeer of course). This is by far the largest Christmas Eve box we have seen for sale anywhere. Able to take multiple board games, bottles of wine, pyjamas for multiple children, books, DVDs, Playstation Games....

Easily paint or treat with wood dye (boxes are supplied untreated).

Features thick and durable 10mm sides, bottom and lid, so that taking heavier items, or lasting many years is not a problem.

Please specify your inscription when ordering and pick whether you want the Disney-Style font (picture 1) or the Handwriting-Style font (picture 2).


External 50cm x 33cm x 23cm 

Internal 48cm x 31cm x 21cm 

Contents in box in pictures are for illustration only and are not included in the sale.