6mm Gothic Dark Future Warehouse



6mm Scale Gothic Dark Future Warehouse

Designed to combine play-ability, detail and to be large enough to provide cover for Knight/Titan class miniatures in games such as Epic, this warehouse provides a great addition to any 6mm scale tabletop. Designed to fit on to one of the larger of the 6mm bases in our 6mm scale building base set (as shown in the picture) but can equally be used stand alone.

Walls and roof pieces feature tab and slots to allow them to form a very strong structure when bonded together; ensuring the piece can be easy stored and transported with out damage. A large flat area on the top of warehouse roof ensures a number of bases, regardless of size, can be placed there for occupying forces.


Width: 6.4cm

Length: 9cm

Height (roof): 5cm

All of our sets are made from laser cut 3mm acrylic. We recommend using superglue to bond our kits and undercoating with Valspar or Plasticote sprays. Items are supplied unpainted. Base shown in images is not included and is available separately. GW Epic scale Rhino shown for scale purposes only and not included. 

We do combine postage, will ship internationally and accept Paypal