28mm Large City Block



28mm Scale Large City Block.

This pack is essentially the road starter pack plus the 28mm building base pack (plus a half again), plus 3 bridges and canals and with some long straights.

Perfect for providing an urban base to your buildings. Our modular city block system is made from laser-cut 3mm grey acrylic with deeply cut detailing making it extremely strong and durable as well as easy to paint.
These building base plates and other accessories fit perfectly with our road system to create a convincing urban space with roads, kerb stones and pavements. Virtually all popular sci-fi vehicles up to GW Land Raiders will fit between the buildings.

This pack contains 3x medium building bases (20.5cm x 26cm), 3x small building bases (20.5cm x 20.5cm), 1x cross road, 1x T junction, 3x corners, 4x dead ends, 4x long straights, 8x short straights, 3x bridges, 2x canal corners, 2x canal straights and 2x canal bridge straights. The area represented by the layout is approximately 4x4. 

All of our sets are made from laser cut 3mm acrylic. We recommend using superglue to bond our kits and undercoating with Valspar or Plasticote sprays. Items are supplied unpainted.

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