15mm Temple of the Machine



HoneyBee Works 15mm (Gruntz/Halo Ground Command scale) Gothic "Temple of the Machine".....but could equally be a temple to any other deity of you choosing.

The kit is highly detailed, featuring a wooden door with a cog design and keypad entry, a stain glass roof light and grand windows on the sides and rear. Above the entrance is a 'flying' stone circle and recessed hatches provide access to the roof. This is a much larger version of our 6mm scale temple we have had available. The pieces slot together with laser cut precision making assembly a breeze. (The pictures show an unpainted example and it still has the manufacturing dust on it).

Width: 13.2cm 
Length: 13.2cm 
Height (Tower): 11.2cm 

All of our sets are made from laser cut 3mm acrylic. We recommend using superglue to bond our kits and undercoating with Valspar or Plasticote sprays. Items are supplied unpainted and unassembled.