Shipping Explained:

All of our shipping is weight based.

In the UK we use Royal Mail and offer two options: Untracked or Tracked.

Internationally we have 3 different regions: EU, US/Canada & the rest of the world.

With International shipping we offer 3 options: Royal mail Untracked, Royal Mail Tracked and Courier.

Courier is only cheaper for heavy orders (3kg+ which is a LOT of scenery).

Untracked vs Tracked with Royal Mail.

Tracked is roughly 1.5-2.0 x the cost of untracked however it has some advantages you may want to consider.

With untracked, we have no idea where you package is. If it fails to reach you we have to wait the full allotted time by Royal Mail to see if the package will be delivered (this is usually 30 days).

With tracked we know where your package is and so can you. If it gets lost we know where it went missing and so does Royal Mail. If they can't find it there then it is truly lost and we can dispatch a replacement straight away (and claim on the insurance).

Whichever method of shipment you use we will make sure you get your goods. But with untracked if it goes missing you may have to wait 30 days for a replacement to be dispatched.

It is worth noting that Royal Mail is extremely reliable. We have been shipping goods with them in the UK for years and never had a package lost. Internationally they have never lost a package either (any time one has gone missing it has been lost by the foreign postal service). For this reason we do not use couriers in the UK: we tend to find them less reliable, more difficult to work with and more expensive.