Machine Temple:

Thank you for purchasing a HBW "Temple of the Machine"
1. First locate the 2 identical 'flying' stone circles that go at the front of the temple. Glue them together so that the detail faces outwards on both pieces. They look like this. 

2. Now locate the main roof that looks like this:  

3. Now locate the 8 tower pieces that have slots cut mid-way up the side. (4 will be shorter slots, 4 longer). The slots are the horizontal cuts at the bottom of these pictures:

The complete tower sides look like this (and the same reversed):

4. Now pair the sides up (short & long cut) so that they fit together at a 90% angle - don't glue them yet. The slots should line up and leave a space for the main roof to slide into.
5. You will notice two of the sides have a rectangular hole and no window. These hold up the stone circle at the front of the temple and it's important that you put the stone circle in those holes BEFORE gluing the sides to the roof.
6. Proceed to glue the tower pieces with the slots for the roof, to the main roof. Be sure to glue the 'flying' stone circle in to the rectangular hole BEFORE gluing both of the tower pieces on to the roof that hold it up.
7. Now locate two pieces of tower side that fit on to a tower, as well as a tower roof that looks like this:   
(the 15mm version requires the door to be glued to the underside of the roof before being attached to the walls)
8. Build up each tower in turn. Be sure to get the roof on to the tower while the glue for the sides is still soft.
9. With all four towers built on to the main roof, slide the sides of the building up in to place (the main door goes under the 'flying' stone circle at the front.)
10. Glue the wooden door in place on to the back of the entrance archway.
11. Glue the retaining ring on to the roof. It looks like this:  (note the inside is a smooth circle).
12. At this point we suggest you paint the miniature so as not to get paint on the window.
13. Place the red stained window in to the retaining ring (do not glue the red plastic as superglue will cause it to fog).
14. Glue the remaining stone circle  on to the top of the retaining ring (being careful not to get glue on the red plastic.